“Apple Pie Chai” Organic Powdered Chai Tea
North Shore Tea Company

“Apple Pie Chai” Organic Powdered Chai Tea

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Another delicious autumnal blend featuring our "Gunpowder" Green Tea powder, Honeycrisp Apple powder + Organic Cinnamon! Cozy up with a cup or enjoy an after-dinner dessert in a mug. The light and refreshing taste of Apple Cinnamon is complimented by the subtle base of green tea. Less caffeine but with more flavor than a typical chai! 

Ingredients: "Gunpowder" Organic Green Tea Powder, Organic Honeycrisp Apple Powder, Organic Cinnamon 

- Nt. Wt. 3 oz. Makes about 50 cups of chai using 1/2 tsp per cup (for stronger tea, use more), comes with tin, utensils NOT included 
-Stir powder with whisk in a bowl 4-5 minutes using water between 190-195℉
-Suggested additions to taste (optional): 
Apple Pie Latte: 1 tsp raw sugar, 4 oz steamed milk

*This item is TEA POWDER. There are many ways to brew and stir tea powder, but we recommend using a bamboo whisk in a bowl.

**Please allow us 1-2 business days to process your order before shipping. Blending good tea takes time.

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