Our Story

A professional craft beer brewer and an artist fall in love, have 4 children, and open a tea company...

It all started on our honeymoon in Ireland, 2005. Waking up to the dramatic overcast sky in Galway, we made ourselves some tea. We thought it could not get any better than this. Sipping on the morning brew, we marveled in peace and thought that it would be nice to do this for the rest of our lives. Little did we know that over a decade later our love for craft and our taste for excellence would bring us to blending our own teas and herbal mixtures. 

Here at the North Shore Tea Company, we choose the finest ingredients around the globe to blend in our seasonal and year-round offerings. Every addition has been tasted first by itself, and then multiple times in varying quantities to ensure the right amount has been added to each blend. As a family business, we appreciate your patronage and hope you find the blessing of a good cup of tea.