Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Tea
Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Tea
Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Tea
North Shore Tea Company

Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Tea

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Yup. No fancy names. No eye-rolling puns. Just the good green tea in it's pellet-shape. Many were asking for some well-sourced, straight-up green tea. Well, here it is. This green tea has been rolled and dried into small round balls that resemble grains of gunpowder (hence the name). Green tea is smoother than black tea and has much less caffeine. Also, it is very fun to see the leaf expansion when the tea is brewed - this is something you can only see with loose tea, unless you rip the bag open. Cheers!

Ingredients: Gunpowder Green Tea

Notes: Green herb, carnation, musk, saltwater 

-Nt. Wt. 2oz. Makes 25 cups of tea using 1 tsp per cup (for stronger tea, use more), comes with tin
-Steep 4-5 minutes using water between 190-195℉
-Suggested additions to taste (optional): 1 tsp raw sugar

*This item is LOOSE TEA. There are many ways to brew and strain loose tea, but if you do not have any equipment to do so, we recommend purchasing one of our Tea Chains.

**Please allow us 1-2 business days to process your order before shipping. Blending good tea takes time.

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